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People ask me ‘where did you learn to cook, and what has been your inspiration’ and this leads to an ambiguous answer that I do not fully understand, other than that it has to do with love. All my loves I have conquered through food, because the stomach does not lie.

I was not born a chef, nor did I intend on it, but the roads and intersections of my life led me, like by magic, to Whidbey Island, where the cold, dark and misty winters sunk me into a deep nostalgia for the sweet, pungent, sometimes acrid, sun-drenched foods of the Americas, where I had traveled in my youth as a young foreign correspondent for The New York Times, the Associated Press and for Granma, where in the pursuit of stories of life, struggle and death, I encountered always the true masters of the Latin kitchen – the grandmothers, cooking humbly on street corners, over charcoal.

At Portico, we recreate the recipes that have stood the test of time, and which add spice, fire and passion to the temperate, staid and stoic isle of Langley, where the waves of the Salish Sea lap gently. We welcome you to our home, our little portal to the sun-drenched lands of the Americas.

Below, if you desire, follow my blog, where I share stories of my life across Latin America.

Buen provecho – chef graham


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